This is the story

LSL is a one-of-a-kind coaching service for law students and law school applicants. This company grew out of one young attorney’s dream to provide the right kind of support for excellence and success among future lawyers. 

LSL works to share experience and expertise with law students and law school applicants in the sort of personal and direct way that is not often available during their journey. LSL is steadily growing its client base around the country with this work in mind. 

The goal is simple: Empower students by offering candid advice, hands-on support, and expert strategies in order to help these future lawyers find the greatest achievement as early as possible. 

This is the founder

Law School Lantern was founded in Massachusetts by Sean Ahern, Esq.. 

With LSL, Sean provides expert materials and services to guide law students and law school applicants. Sean guides students more effectively and comfortably through the process of becoming lawyers.

LSL is not a traditional consulting firm, and Sean does not wish for it to be. LSL is an accessible and personal support system; LSL provides practical services and expert guidance to people on their path to becoming a lawyer.

Sean is a magna cum laude graduate of the Boston University School of Law and is a formerly practicing ‘BigLaw’ attorney. Sean currently practices full time as a public interest attorney and lectures part time at a law school.

The Four Guiding Principles of LSL

Sophistication Does not Equal Elitism

LSL strives to provide the highest level of expert support while still being candid, approachable, and relatable.

Bigger is Not Always Better

LSL has the attitude and perspective of a solo practice, which means that it is focused on a personal connection and commitment to every person involved.

Success Should be Accessible

LSL makes its materials and services as widely available as possible in order to empower as many people as possible in the process of becoming a lawyer.

The Mind and the Heart Matter Equally

LSL emphasizes the practical side of success by giving people the strategies for excellence but it also remains committed to creating personal connections and giving trusted advice.

Sean's Story

1. Sean grew up in the greater Boston-area, attending a regional Catholic high school, with a lifelong interest in music, storytelling, and community service.

2. Sean studied sociology and graduated summa cum laude from Boston University after three years. During this time, Sean worked as as an assistant in a large departmental office at BU and participated extensively in organizing student activism and outreach efforts for racial, gender, and LGBT justice.

3. Sean graduated magna cum laude from Boston University School of Law. While in law school, Sean was an editor on the Boston University Law Review, a research assistant, a student attorney with the criminal law clinic, and a legal writing instructor to first year students.

4. After passing the Bar exam, Sean practiced for a year at a large law firm. During his time in Biglaw, Sean provided regulatory advice to clients in the healthcare, energy, real estate, and technology industries.

5. Sean stepped away from legal practice in order to pursue working with students as a full-time career. Sean spent a year working freelance and learning about entrepreneurship, content production, and building an online business.

6. Sean then officially launched Law School Lantern as a full-fledged business providing coaching services to law students and law school applicants. Sean currently provides services through Law School Lantern on a part-time basis, in addition to working as a full-time attorney and a part-time lecturer at a law school.