Epitome of a Mentor
Simone L.
USD (Law) '19

Sean is the epitome of what a mentor should be: supportive, compassionate, and knowledgeable. His ability to help others further develop their logical reasoning and test taking skills is evident. Just as noteworthy is his diligence—he inspires hard work, leading by example. When he gives advice, he does so with empathy and deep consideration. After meeting in college at Boston University, Sean assisted me as I prepared for the LSAT, guided me through the law school application process, and regularly supported me during law school as I made  various career decisions. He loves to see others succeed, and his efforts to help anyone—in law and in life—are always earnest.

A True Mentor
Jacquie C.
BU (Law) '19

I had the pleasure of working with Sean and saw him as a mentor in my journey understanding a new corporate setting. Sean was always ready to advice me and share his experience with me even in highly competitive settings.

Generous and Helpful
Eugenie R.
BU (Law) '18

Sean helped me immensely with the nuts and bolts of legal writing. He is patient and generous with his time and I use some of the tricks he taught me in practice to this day (as well as in my law school exams).