The transition into law school can be difficult.

I wrote two mini e-books to help students in the application process and during their 1L experience.

Free insights for everyone

It’s hard to know who to believe and who to rely on through the process of becoming a lawyer. That’s why I make these guides available for free to the public.

These e-books are detailed guides to help law students and law school applicants through some of the most common areas of difficulty during this experience. They contain my insights and approach to excelling in the law school application process and during the law school experience.

It’s my goal to empower students and applicants everywhere with the clearest explanations and most straightforward content available on these topics.

Read a little, learn a lot

The right research and advice can go a long way. This is why I write these guides and make them available publicly. I want to make the law school experience and law school application process a little bit simpler.

Getting into law school and then graduating is a very difficult process. This goes without saying.

My perspective is that it is always going to be hard, but students and applicants do not have to be lost and overwhelmed.

It really is this simple.

The more info, the better

There is a lot of incomplete or biased information surrounding the process of becoming a lawyer, and most of it is simply unhelpful. I write these guides so that I can shine some light in this area and provide practical information.

Our community deserves as much knowledge and advice as possible. Everyone needs to hear as many perspectives as possible in order to make the best decisions for themselves. And, dare I even say it: people need to have fun and enjoy themselves through the experience!

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