Frequently Asked Questions

Law School Lantern (a.k.a. ‘LSL’) is a small business that provides professional guidance, coaching, and advice for law students and law school applicants. LSL offers one-on-one sessions, guides, and other educational programs. The primary service offered is in the form of coaching packages.
LSL is proudly led by Sean Ahern, a former BigLaw attorney and alumni of Boston University School of Law. Sean is well-experienced both in the working with students and also with the path to succeeding as a lawyer. LSL is Sean's passion project through which he can share his law school knowledge and strategies for success with others.
At this moment, all services at LSL are provided by Sean in an individual capacity. In that way, LSL does not outsource or contract out any of the coaching services offered.
Sean provides limited in-person coaching sessions in the Boston-area. Sean provides most sessions via video chat or phone call, as well as services through email correspondence.
LSL offers coaching services. There are a range of practical services offered to law students and law school applicants. For law students, LSL offers: Case briefing, class preparation, and outline generation; Exam Preparation and practice essay workshopping; Networking, job application, and career advice; and, Time management and wellness coaching. For law school applicants, LSL offers: LSAT exam preparation and coaching; Personal statement and other supplemental statements advice, drafting, and review; Complete law school application preparation and review; and, Choice of law school and admissions decisions coaching.
LSL is priced very competitively and offers a few options for differently sized coaching packages to suit each persons' needs. The hourly pricing ranges between approximately $145/hour to just under $100/hour, depending on how large of a package a person signs up for.
Single session packages are now available, in addition to the 4-session and a 10-session packages. Please remember that packages and sessions must always be purchased in advance.
Any amount of coaching time signed up for is fully non-refundable. People are encouraged to take advantage of the time in the way that serves them best.

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