This is how we can work together

  • How best to prepare for each course from the syllabus materials provided.
  • A straightforward method for briefing cases, preparing best for class, and generating an outline that is actually useful for the law school exam.
  • Going through cases one-by-one to ensure understanding of exactly what is needed from each case. 
  • Cutting through all unnecessary content and understanding the core of what is necessary from the course materials.
  • Working through difficult legal concepts and engaging in prep exercises to ensure understanding of complex areas of each course.
  • Outline creation to ensure that the outlines are structured and include the information that will most help on the exams.
  • In-depth review of practice tests to workshop their written responses, including in-depth review of any previous exams taken.
  • Planning a detailed exam preparation schedule, including details of what is to be done during each step in the process.
  • Personalized networking tips and advice to guide professional development process throughout the semester.
  • Review of application materials, including cover letter and resumes, to ensure the highest quality job applications.
  • Mock interviews and other mock scenarios with students to prepare for the job application and networking process. 
  • Consulting about professional goals, values, and desires in order to arrive at the positions with the greatest personal fit.
  • A detailed time management plan and schedule for the full semester, including regular check-ins regarding longer term goals.
  • Strategies for balancing and managing efficient study with other professional and personal responsibilities.
  • Consulting regarding longer term career goals and how to achieve them through a concrete action plan for each week, month, and semester.
  • Working directly talk through difficulties in the experience, with advice on finding a greater sense of grounding through the process.

Hard does not have to mean overwhelming

Law school is going to be hard, but you do not need to be lost. 

This is the mission that drives the services that I offer.

Yes, it is hard for everyone

I remember law school… I spent hundreds of hours in the library during my first few semesters. Like everyone else, I was completely lost as what exactly was necessary to succeed. I read, reviewed, and drafted, day after day and month after month.

I had no time for anything else, and I felt uncomfortable and uncertain about myself the entire time. The curve and the pressure on getting good grades in order to get a good job was overwhelming.

But, there really are strategies for success

I know now that the early semesters of law school were long, confusing, and painful in ways that were not necessary to my success. 

It all worked out for me in the end, but it was a long, confusing, and painful process.

Looking back, I realize just how much I could have known upfront to make the process more efficient and simple. It really did not have to be that distressing, and I did not have to feel so incredibly uncertain through every step.

If I had known then what I know now (or even what I had known as a 3L), I could have focused my studies and career development much more efficiently. Like most students, I learned the hard way how to succeed and to find balance in law school.

I could have known exactly what information was necessary to pull from cases, how to write a law school exam effectively, or even how to secure the best summer job for me. And I could have done this all while still having time for myself and while preserving my own sense of internal contentment.

That's why I started this service

I started this service so that I can share all of this wisdom with law students. 

This service is a collection of practical services that will help a law student by guiding them through different aspects of the law school experience. I work with students in the areas that they feel will be most helpful to their success, while also helping them determine what these areas may be.

I believe that there are workable strategies that can be applied consistently throughout the law school experience. I share these with students as needed.

There are clear examples of what I can do to help

For example…

Do you want to know what is actually necessary to pull from cases and to put in your outlines?

I can guide you through this to create an outline that is exam ready.

Do you need feedback as to whether you are on the right track with your practice exam responses?

I provide detailed analysis and feedback, as well as coaching, to ensure that your answers are as strong as possible.

Do you need help with preparing for interviews for a summer position or OCI?

I’m here as a mock interviewer and to discuss to most frequently asked questions.

Do you just need assurances that you are on the right track and that everything will work out?

I got you. I will give you honest and practical feedback, as well as a healthy dose of encouragement.

The time really is now

I know: You are expected to learn the law at the same time as you learn how to be a law student. This can feel like way too much to do all at once.

I’m here to help you take the edge off how difficult this whole experience can be. I’m here so that you have someone by your side to give you experienced insight and guidance when you need it.

Sound good?

The right guidance can go a long way

The whole experience really can be a lot simpler with just a few hours of the right help

Single Session
Great for high-level coaching or single tutoring sessions.
1 Session
One Area of Support
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Targeted Support
Perfect for job search mentoring, subject matter tutoring, personal statement review, etc.
4 Sessions
One In-Depth or Two Areas of Support
Flexible Scheduling
Availability by Email
For Law Students and Law School Applicants
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