This is how we can work together

  • A study plan for the full LSAT preparation process, including guidance in the use of study materials, practice exams, section exercises, etc.
  • Review of practice tests and discussion of incorrect responses with explanations for the most complex questions.
  • Advice on best practices for each section of the LSAT in order to approach them in the most methodological and reliable way. 
  • Consulting regarding more effective study strategies for improving a previous LSAT score, including a review of the previous test results.
  • Developing the strongest personal statement topic and an outline for beginning the first draft.
  • Draft review and comments through the personal statement drafting process.
  • Reviewing and proofreading final personal statements to ensure the highest standards for writing, spelling, and grammar. 
  • Consulting with students regarding the most effective way to approach, frame, and draft supplemental statements.
  • Drafting the most effective resume and providing review for each draft.
  • Consulting regarding the most effective way to tailor each of their applications to each particular law school.
  • Advice about how best to increase the competitiveness of the application overall, with work experience, class selection, GPA improvement, etc. 
  • Reviewing in-detail final law school applications to ensure correctness of every single piece of information included.
  • Consulting regarding overall career and personal goals in order to develop the strongest and most personalized list of law schools. 
  • Advice on how to approach individual law schools in order to establish a relationship with those involved in the admissions office.
  • Deciding the best choice of law school, weighing all considerations of future goals and the differences between schools.
  • Guiding students through the process of negotiating with law school admissions departments to try to adjust waiting list and financial aid decisions.

Hard does not have to mean overwhelming

Applying to law school is going to be hard, but you do not need to be lost. 

This is the mission that drives the services that I offer.

Yes, it is hard for everyone

I remember applying to law school…

I probably spent hundreds of hours between studying for the LSAT, writing my personal statement, and putting all of my applications together. Like everyone else, I was overwhelmed and nervous about how what law schools would accept me and what sort of aid package they would offer me.

I remember this application process. I barely had time for anything else, and I felt uncomfortable and uncertain about myself the entire time, even when choosing which law school to go to.

I looked to the internet, and I even relied on commercial test prep services, but nothing seemed to provide the sort of direct and reliable advice and guidance that I was looking for.

I needed a more direct way to make sure that my application was as competitive as possible and to help guide me in making the important decisions that came after. I really struggled without this sort of resource.

But, there really are strategies for success

I know now that there was much more that I could have done through the application process to create a strong application in the most efficient way and to make the best decision for myself 

It all worked out for me in the end, but it was a long and draining process. I had not even started law school yet, and it felt like I had been completely disoriented despite having achieved a dream of mine.

Looking back, I realize just how much I could have known upfront to make the application process more efficient and simple. The process did not have to be that unclear, and I could have been more empowered as I appealed to the admissions committees in each step.

If I had known then what I know now (or even what I had known by the end of the process), I could have focused my application materials and my choice of law school process more precisely.

It took me a lot of time and uncertainty to arrive at what otherwise could have been an obvious best choice, and I simply did not realize all of the ways in which I could strengthen my application at each school.

That's why I started this service

I started this service so that I can share all of this wisdom with law school applicants. 

This service is a collection of practical services that will help a law school applicant by guiding them through different aspects of the application process. I work with applicants in the areas that they feel will be most helpful to their success, while also helping them determine what these areas may be.

I believe that there are workable strategies that can be applied consistently throughout the application process. I share these with applicants as needed.

There are clear examples of what I can do to help

For example…

Do you want to create a study strategy and regimen for improving parts of the LSAT that continue to lag behind your ideal score? 

I can guide you through this and collaborate on a study improvement plan that works for you.

Do you need ideas for and insight into what is the most powerful personal statement topic and response?

I provide detailed analysis and feedback, as well as coaching, to ensure that your personal statement is as strong as possible.

Do you need help with preparing for interviews for formal interviews or else for targeted solicitation of individual law schools? 

I’m here are a mock interviewer and to discuss to most frequently asked questions, as well as to workshop how to approach and respond to members of the admissions committee at particular schools.

Do you just need assurances that you are on the right track and that everything will work out?

I got you. I will always give you honest and practical feedback, as well as a healthy dose of encouragement.

The time really is now

I know: You only really get one chance to get into and then choose the best law school for you. This can feel like too important of a process to do completely on your own. 

I’m here to help you take the edge off how difficult this whole process can be. I’m here so that you have someone by your side to give you experienced insight and guidance when you need it.

Sound good?

The right guidance can go a long way

The whole process really can be a lot simpler with just a few hours of the right help

Single Session
Great for high-level coaching or single tutoring sessions.
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Targeted Support
Perfect for job search mentoring, subject matter tutoring, personal statement review, etc.
4 Sessions
One In-Depth or Two Areas of Support
Flexible Scheduling
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